Fossilized wood and patterned steel bead bracelet

Fossilized wood and patterned steel bead bracelet


This elastic bracelet is like an expedition through the ages, blending the boldness of fossilized wood with the modernity of steel.

Let the fossilized wood beads tell you stories of ancient times, while the steel bead, like a tableau vivant, takes you on an artistic journey of varied motifs.

Whether you're navigating life's tumultuous waves or peacefully relaxing and gazing at the stars, this sturdy bracelet is your trusted companion.

Let this bracelet reflect your timeless charm and playful spirit, adding a touch of nature and modernity to your unique style.

An accessory as strong as your link to the past, and as bright as your future!

  • fossilized wood beads 6mm
  • steel bead in various designs
  • ultra-strong elastic tie
  • delivered in a gift bag
  • 6-months IKOBA guarantee

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