Freshwater pearls

Freshwater cultured pearl pendants

Our entire collection of silver and gold pendants with freshwater pearls.

These cultured pearls are more colorful than their Tahitian counterparts, with shades of white, pink, orange and mauve. This variety in colors allows freshwater pearls to be associated with silver and gold jewelry seamlessly.

All our freshwater pearls are naturally colored, with the exception of the chocolate colored pearls, that are the only artificially tinted pearls.

All our jewelry comes with a authenticity certificate and jewelry box.


  • Gold pendants

    Freshwater cultured pearl gold pendants

    Poemana's collection of freshwater pearls on 18 carats gold pendants.

    Freshwater cultured pearls' varied colors amplify the naturally beauty and shine of gold, be it the traditional yellow gold, or the less common white gold.

    Every pendant comes with a certificate of authenticity and a jewelry box.

    Our pendants are made in France by artisans.

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