Silver or gold cultured pearl rings

Come discover our Sterling silver and 9 or 18 carats gold rings with Japanese Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, Australian golden pearls, or freshwater cultured pearls.

A piece of jewelry celebrating a union, a ring with a cultured pearl is always highly appreciated thanks to its intemporal look.
Gift yourself, or someone close a cultured pearl ring made in France, using cultured pearls bought from cultured pearl farms.

As with pendantsnecklacesbraceletsearrings  and  sets, your ring comes with a certificate authenticating the pearl(s).

Poemana bijoux et perles : wear one of the marvels of the Pacific

Our jewelry is guaranteed for a year, and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a jewelry box.


  • Tahitian pearls

    Tahitian pearl ring

    Our silver and gold rings with Tahitian cultured pearls.

    Admire the pearl's shine on your fingers. The pearls are fitted on silver or gold rings to bring out their colors and nuances. For lighter colored pearls, refer to rings with freshwater cultured pearls.

    Our collection of Tahitian pearl rings come in three different styles; streamlined for a pure and sober look, multiple pearls, and more sophisticated and intricate designs.
    Each one of our cultured pearl ring is made in our workshop in the West of France, with quality Tahitian pearls.

    No two rings will ever be identical, thanks to the pearls' differences in colors.

    Every ring comes with a certificate authenticating the Tahitian pearl and a small jewelry box.

  • Freshwater pearls

    Freshwater cultured pearl rings

    Silver and gold rings with freshwater cultured pearls.

    Using natural gems used and highly valued since Ancient history,
    a ring with freshwater cultured pearls has been a favorite amongst women for over a millenia. Their affordable price allow them to be bought along with a bracelet, for example.

    Either made of gold or silver, a freshwater cultured pearl ring will always be appreciated as a luxurious, yet affordable piece of jewelry.

    As with Tahitian pearl rings, all of our rings come with an authenticity certificate and a jewelry box.

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