Pearl bracelets

Cultured pearl bracelets

These bracelets are made to go along with pearl strands and pearl necklaces.

Pearl bracelets can convey a sense of luxury in a single glance. A symbol of wealth for thousands of years, and available in Tahitian pearls or freshwater cultured pearls , they can be worn at formal events in summer or winter alike.

The bracelets are crafted by threading pearls on a special silk strand, and closing it with a clasp made either in Sterling silver, or 18 carats gold.
Some bracelets include elements such as coralline, gemstones, or even gold ferrules.

Threaded by hand in our workshop in the West of France, we are always happy to receive requests for custom-made pearl bracelets.
Do not hesitate to make a request, contact us !

Our bracelets come with a certificate of authenticity and a jewelry box.

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