Poemana jewelry and pearls : the spirit of the pearl

Poemana is a jewelry brand specialized in Tahitian, freshwater, Akoya and Australian South sea cultured pearls.

From collections of jewelry to tailor-made pieces, do not hesistate to contact us by mail or phone.
We specialize in making tailor-made pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets using the splendid Tahitian pearls.

Our jewelry is made in our workshop in the Loire Valley, in France. Our cultured pearls are strictly controlled according to GIA standards to guarantee good quality.
We are displaying our jewelry in several locations in France including our very own storefront in Angers, France, and in the process of expanding to display our jewelry inside the EU and even overseas.

Our collections of rings, pendants et necklaces, earrings, bracelets et sets of jewelry are sorted by the types of cultured pearl used, from the varied nuances of Tahitian pearls ranging from light gray to black, passing by peacock and blue, to the many lighter shades of white, pink and mauve of freshwater cultured pearls.
We will soon display a new collection with golden, white and dark Akoya pearls.

We are currently displaying a collection of engraved Tahitian pearls. Pearls that have been hand carved to present magnificent patterns typical of Tahitian and Polynesian art.

Poemana creates its jewelry by associating cultured pearls of all sizes and colors with diverse materials such as gold, silver, cotton, steel and even leather.
We use both 9 and 18 carats gold in our collections, but offer 14 carats gold on demand.
Our silver is exclusively rhodium plated Sterling silver, to insure the highest quality silver.

From the classical and feminine white pearl necklaces, to more masculine steel and leather bracelets, Poemana offers of variety of cultured pearl jewelry for all tastes and budgets.

Our cultured pearls are certified with an authenticity certificate guaranteeing their quality and authenticity, and they are all checked and rated individually in certified pearl farms with state of the art equipment.

  • 195,00 €

    Passion circled Tahitian pearl 18 carats gold pendant. All the charm of a circled pear shape Tahitian pearl on a 18K gold pendant. Gold chain in option.Pear circled shape Tahitian cultured pearl,10-10,5  mm AA+ qualityGold weight : 0,90 gYour pearl pendant is delivered  in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.  

    195,00 €
  • 85,00 €

    Braided leather necklace with a circled Tahitian cultured pearl. Using high quality Belgian leather and a single circled Tahitian pearl. A unisex piece of jewelry.Circled  Tahitian pearl, 10-10,5mm AA+/AAA quality All our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    85,00 €
  • 165,00 €

    Sterling silver link chain bracelet with five circled -pear-shaped Tahitian cultured pearls mounted in charms. Circled-pear-shaped Tahitian cultured pearls 9mm AA+ qualityBracelet length : 18-19cm , with a different size at your request.All our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    165,00 €
  • 260,00 €

    Opera jade and Tahitian pearl bracelet We are proposing the creation of this Tahitian pearl and jade bracelet, created on order with the possibility of requesting a different pattern of pearls and jade in order to give it your own personal touch.The Tahitian pearls are circled and 9-9.5mm in diameter and of AA quality, with 9mm polished jade beads. We...

    260,00 €
  • 740,00 €

    Elena Gold 18 carats gold Toi et Moi bangle with cultured pearls The splendid Elena Toi et Moi bangle revisited with a golden Akoya cultured pearl and a white freshwater cultured pearl.The Elena Gold bangle combines the romantism of the Toi et Moi bangles with the exotic golden Akoya pearl and timeless beauty of white pearls. It is easy to put on and...

    740,00 €
  • 360,00 €

    Takapoto 18 carats gold pendant with a large Tahitian pearl. This finely crafted pendant has a distinctive twist, which plays with the light in order to show different constrasts, and brings out the pearl's naturally complex color palette.It can be worn in any circumstance, from a chic soirée to a more casual gathering. Round Tahitian cultured pearl, 12...

    360,00 €