Certificate of authenticity

Our certificates of authenticity guaranty the quality of our pearls, metals and jewelry in general.
We follow the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classification convention to accurately represent the quality of our material, and our certificates reflect that convention by incorporating the GIA logo.

You will also find out coordinates should you have any question or comment.

Certificant d'authenticité Poemana

The certificats also add information on the unique nature of the pearl(s) on your jewelry.
Every pearl is unique, as such we incorporate as much information on yours as we can.

Additionally, we certify the materials used by citing its exact nature.

The certificates are dated and signed by the artisan who made the jewelry when it has based quality control, adding a personal touch and accountability.

Verso du certificat d'authenticité Poemana

Our key words are trust and quality, hence the certificates' purpose; creating a link of trust between Poemana, the artisan and the client.