Polished Pyrite and Black Agate Bracelet - 8mm

Polished Pyrite and Black Agate Bracelet - 8mm


This sturdy elastic bracelet is an irresistible blend of mystery and power.

Polished pyrite beads twinkle like distant stars, while black agate beads, as deep as night, add a touch of mystical elegance.

Whether you're facing the challenges of the day or dancing in the moonlight, this bracelet is your trusted companion.

Let the enchanting glow of pyrite and the mesmerizing depth of black agate reflect your bold personality and magnetic charisma, adding a touch of mystery and strength to your unique style.

An accessory as powerful as your presence and as sparkling as your destiny!

  • Polished pyrite beads 8mm
  • Black Agate beads 8mm
  • Heavy-duty elastic link
  • Delivered in a gift bag
  • 6-month IKIBA warranty

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