Secure payment on

As with any online story, safety and confidentiality measures to keep your banking information secured is one, if not the most important element on the website.
In order to keep your information secure, we employ a number of measures.

Our site uses the SSL encryption system provided by our website hosting company, OVH. This system encrypts and secures the connection between your machine and our website.
This standard security measure prevents third parties from spying on your interaction with our website.

With payment itself, we use the measures provided by our three different payment systems.


Systempay is a service provided by our banking group, Caisse d'Epargne, in order to be able to pay online.
During the payment process, you are redirected towards their servers and website to input your banking information. Poemana has at no moment access to that information, beyond the electronic certificate that authenticizes the transaction.
Their servers use highly secure protocols and measures, the sort that guarantees the safety of millions of transactions around the world every day.
The safety is increased if your Visa, Mastercard, or CB is 3D secured, as it adds another level of protection.


Paypal, the now world famous online payment company, has been a hallmark in online payment security for more than a decade.
It functions similarily to our Systempay method. You are redirected to their servers and website in order to enter your banking information.
You may pay using Visa, Mastercard, American express or CB, or if you have one, an online Paypal wallet.
Paypal offers the same online security as any physical bank, as they have to insure the safety of a large part of online sales around the world.


In light of numerous abuses, Poemana does not accept checks.


At no moment can Poemana see the banking information you enter online. That information is strictly confidential, and seen solely by the banks' servers.
All the information you are asked to enter is done on their servers, and the only information we are given about a transaction is an electronic certificate verifying the payment's authenticity, and if it was validated.
Our online payment systems were created by Paypal and by the banking group Caisse d'Epargne.
As for checks, we do not take note of the information written on it after checking it's authenticity.