Engraved Tahitian pearls

Engraved Tahitian pearls are Tahitian cultured pearls with motifs and patterns engraved on the pearls' mother-of-pearl layer.
These motifs are engraved by Polynesian artisans on the pearl farms themselves.

Une perle de Tahiti gravée sur un pendentif en or
An engraved Tahitian pearl on a gold pendant

We thread and fasten engraved pearls on many different types of jewelry, such as gold, silver and even leather.
These beautiful pearls on a leather bracelet can gain a masculin aspect, while the same pearl on a silver ring will give off a very feminine nuance.

bracelet en cuir tressé et une perle de Tahiti gravée
Braided leather bracelet with an engraved pearl

We have at your disposition a variety of different engraved pearl sizes.
The default size is 9.5-10mm, but it varies from piece of jewelry to the next, and the pearl can be up to 12mm in diameter !

From left to right, a 9.5-10mm engraved pearl, a 10.5-11mm pearl, and an 11.5-12mm pearl.