Akoya cultured pearls

Akoya cultured pearls are orginally from Japan, but can be cultivated in Southeast Asia, notably in Thailand.

Grown in the oyster Pinctada Fucata's shell, they measure anywhere from 2 to 9mm in diameter, with the average being around 7mm.
They are naturally white, creamy white, rose-tinted, dark and for the pearls cultivated in the more temperate waters of Southeast Asia, even golden.

Thanks to our visit at a pearl farm in Phuket, we now have contacts to acquire these pearls directly from the pearl farm.

You can expect to see very soon jewelry with these pearls in ourAkoya pearl collection:

white Akoya cultured pearl
White Akoya pearl

golden Akoya cultured pearl
Golden Akoya pearl

dark Akoya cultured pearl
Dark Akoya pearl