18k gold necklaces

18k gold necklaces

Tahitian pearl 18k gold necklaces

As prized are they are beautiful, Tahitian pearls' shine perfectly contrasts with 18 carats gold's shine and beauty.
Luxurious pieces of jewelry made with some of the most revishing products of nature: pearls and gold.

Our necklaces are made in France and come with a certificate of authenticity and a jewelry box.

18k gold necklaces 

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  • 3 858,15 € 4 539,00 € -15%

    Lagoon Tahitian cultured pearl necklace. The most luxurious necklace in our collection, with hand picked Tahitian cultured pearls on a silk strand and either an 18 carats gold or Sterling silver clasp.Choose between a princess (45cm) or matinee sized (50cm) necklace.Round Tahitian cultured pearls, 9-10mm AA+/AAA qualityAll our jewelry comes in an...

    3 858,15 € 4 539,00 € -15%
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  • 3 740,00 € 4 400,00 € -15%

    A magnificent Tahitian cultured pearl necklace.With its baroque pearls and silk strand with knots between each pearl, buy one of the symbols of luxury.The necklace has either a Sterling silver or an 18 carats gold clasp.Baroque Tahitian cultured pearls, 9.5-10mm AA qualityAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity...

    3 740,00 € 4 400,00 € -15%
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  • 2 679,00 €

    Manihi pear shaped Tahitian cultured pearl necklace with 18 carats gold clasp. The beautiful pear shaped Tahitian pearls threaded in a pearl necklace, with overtones going from green to aubergine. 18K Gold or white clasp, or sterling silver clasp.Available in princess (42cm-45cm) to matinée (50cm) length.Pear shaped Tahitian cultured pearls, 9-10 mm...

    2 679,00 €
  • 1 105,00 € 1 300,00 € -15%

    Cordélia set of gold and circled Tahitian pearl necklace and bracelet. The Cordélia set of jewelry is the ideal gift for your wedding anniversary gift, traditionally for the 30th anniversary, or simply those who love Tahitian pearls.The necklace and bracelet are assembled with care to form a harmony between the pearls and both of the pieces of...

    1 105,00 € 1 300,00 € -15%
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  • 930,00 €

    Circled Tahitian pearl necklace Le necklace is a circled Tahitian pearl strand with a knot between each pearl in order to prevent them from spilling in case the necklace is broken. The necklace is closed off using a silver clasp, or a gold clasp in option. The pearls used are light gray to dark gray in color. Tahitian circled pearls 9-10 mm AA+ quality...

    930,00 €
  • 645,15 € 759,00 € -15%

    Tamago 18 carats gold necklace and pendant with a Tahitian pearl. The necklace is composed of an 18 carats yellow gold pendant in the shape of a sea turtle with a Tahitian pearl at the center.A leather strand with an 18 carats gold clasp is threaded through the pendant to finalize the necklace. This gold an Tahitian pearl jewelry accompanies the...

    645,15 € 759,00 € -15%
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  • 432,65 € 509,00 € -15%

    18 carats gold necklace with a Tahitian pearl. Using a 42cm long semi-rigid Omega chain, are Tahitian pearls of the size of your choosing. Round Tahitian pearl, AA+/AAA qualityAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    432,65 € 509,00 € -15%
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  • 373,15 € 439,00 € -15%

    Three type 18 carats gold with a drop-shaped Tahitian pearl. Three rings of different types of 18 carats gold, with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold to form a small pendant, holding a drop shaped Tahitian pearl.The necklace comes on a trendy 18 carats rose gold chain. Gold weight  : 3.8 g Tahitian cultured pearl, drop-shaped, 10-10.5 mm in size,...

    373,15 € 439,00 € -15%
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  • 364,65 € 429,00 € -15%

    18 carats gold necklace with 14 Keshi pearls. Keshi pearls are either loved or hated. These entirely natural pearls are integrated into a gold necklace.14 Keshi pearls, 7-8mm longGold weight : 1.20gAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    364,65 € 429,00 € -15%
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  • 313,65 € 369,00 € -15%

    Vicki 18k white gold necklace with a Tahitian pearl. A delicate and classy, you will appreciate the Vicki necklace and its fine 18k white gold forçat chain. The Tahitian pearl serves as an anchor on the chain, held up with two 18k white gold cupolas on either side of the pearl, making it truly the centerpiece of the necklace. The necklace is 42cm in...

    313,65 € 369,00 € -15%
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  • 296,65 € 349,00 € -15%

    Eclat d'or 18K white gold necklace with a cultured Tahiti pearl  A very nice and precious Tahitian pearl on a 18K gold pendant which is hanging on a modern silver chain and ruthenium. Tahitian pearl size 11 mm quality AA+The fancy chain is covered with a thin layer of rich golden or shimmering black ruthenium of 42 cms  length and 2 mm thickness . Simply...

    296,65 € 349,00 € -15%
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  • 288,15 € 339,00 € -15%

    Diva Tahitian cultured pearl 18 carats gold necklace. All the complexity of a Tahitian pearl's colors and nuances on the beauty of a gold link chain.Available with either a 10mm or 11mm pearl.Necklace length : 42cmRound Tahitian cultured pearl, 10 or 11mm AA+/AAA qualityGold weight : 1.2gAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA...

    288,15 € 339,00 € -15%
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  • 279,65 € 329,00 € -15%

    Singapour chain 18 carats gold and Tahitian cultured pearl necklace. A single free floating Tahitian pearl on our favorite type of chain: the Singapour chain, with its intricate link design.Round Tahitian pearl, 10mm AA+/AAA qualityNecklace length : 42cmGold weight : 1.35gAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity...

    279,65 € 329,00 € -15%
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  • 271,15 € 319,00 € -15%

    Assina 18 carats white gold necklace with a Tahitian pearl on a white gold pendant  The necklace is composed of a beautiful and sparkling  18 carats gold Singapore chain with its 18 carats white gold pendant and a Tahitian pearl. The simplicity of the Tahitian pearl on its Gold pendant contrasts with the beautiful and sophisticated  18K white Gold chain ....

    271,15 € 319,00 € -15%
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  • 135,15 € 159,00 € -15%

    Ponant leather and 18K gold necklace with circled Tahitian pearl The Ponant necklace is made of leather with clasp system in 18 k gold and with a Tahitian cultured pearl.The length of the bracelet can be adapted to your request, count one centimeter more compared to the measurement. Circled Tahitian pearl, 9-9.5 mm and of AA / AA + quality. Different...

    135,15 € 159,00 € -15%
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