18k gold bracelets

18 carats gold bracelets with Tahitian pearls

Poemana's selection of gold bracelets with Tahitian cultured pearls.
Tahitian pearls marry themselves harmoniously with the bracelets' golden shine and convey a luxury.

Tahitian pearl bracelet can be worn as casual events as well as formal ones, and the pearls' color nuances allow them to be integrated into leatherLibertycotton and bracelets with ease.

Our bracelets come with a certificate of authenticity and a jewelry box.

18k gold bracelets 

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  • 119,00 €

    Bella cotton and 18 carats gold  bracelet with a Tahitian cultured pearl.A black coton bracelet with naval knots and gold elements to adjust the length and hold the circled Tahitian pearl in place.A casual bracelet at an affordable price.Circled Tahitian cultured pearl, 9-9.5mm AA qualityGold weight : 0.16 gAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry...

    119,00 €
  • 240,00 €

    18K gold bracelet with Tahitian pearl and Larimar stones Association of a round Tahitian pearl and Larimar precious stones charms on an 18 carats gold Rolo chain. Bracelet length: 18 cm  Gold weight : 1 g  Tahitian pearl, 9-9.5 mm and AA + quality Real Larimar stones, light blue colour. The Lagoon bracelet is delivered in its jewel box along with the...

    240,00 €
  • 265,00 €

    A 18K gold bracelet with a Tahitian cultured pearl. A high quality bracelet with 18 K Gold bracelet with a beautiful Tahitian pearl.Round Tahitian cultured pearl, 9.5-10mm AA+/AAA qualityAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    265,00 €
  • 405,00 €

    Cordelia Tahitian cultured pearl bracelet. Our most popular luxury bracelet, with each pearl being unique in shape and color.Choose the size and clasp to make your luxury bracelet fit perfectly.Circled Tahitian cultured pearls, 9-10mm AA qualityAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with a GIA authenticity certificate.

    405,00 €
  • 480,00 €

    Otahi 18 carats gold and Tahitian pearl bracelet. Part of new collection of hand made pearl bracelets, featuring circled Tahitian pearls and other precious gemstones or gold.This bracelet is made with fourteen circled Tahitian pearls and one central round Tahitian pearl, with 18 carats gold ferrules and a gold clasp.Circled Tahitian pearls, 9.5mm AA...

    480,00 €
  • 830,00 €

    Elena 18K gold Toi et Moi bangle with round Tahitian pearls Splendid bracelet with 2 cultured Tahitian pearls. Luxury bracelet certified and guaranteed two years. Easy to put on and remove ; however it holds up well to the wrist. We thank you to specify your desired overtones of pearls. 9.5-10 mm round pearls AAA qualityDiameter of the gold bangle : 5-...

    830,00 €
  • 1 389,00 €

    Alizée  Tahitian cultured pearls bracelet. With a choice in length, this bracelet is made of beautiful pear ,circled and round shaped pearls and a 18 carats gold clasp to make a luxurious bracelet. Tahitian cultured pearls, 9-10mm AAA quality. We send you pictures of the pearls before your orderAll our jewelry comes in an individual jewelry box along with...

    1 389,00 €
  • 1 870,00 €

    Era round Tahitian cultured pearl bracelet. Round, 10mm Tahitian cultured pearls presenting multiple nuances and overtones threaded on a bracelet with an 18 carats gold or a Sterling silver clasp.With different lengths in option, get your very own symbol of luxury with a 17 to 19 Tahitian pearl bracelet, threaded by hand by our French artisans.Round...

    1 870,00 €
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items